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HLF Private Rental, Care & Social Housing Sector

HLF is the specialist furniture supplier to the leisure and social care industry. The production facilities are two of the fastest growing in the UK. The bed factory is currently manufacturing over 5000 beds a week from its 300,000 square foot facility in West Yorkshire. The Sofa factory produce over 1300 sofas a week from the facility in Gateshead. The HLF Group is the main specialist industry partner bringing these products to this sector.

With over 40 years’ experience, we supply contract furniture designed specifically for your industry. Whether you have developments in the Private Rental, student let, care or social housing industry sector; we can supply you with exactly what you need and advise you of the regulations you need to fulfil.

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Bespoke Design for Large Commercial Groups

HLF Private Rental, Care & Social Housing Sector also offer our large commercial Groups a complete bespoke design service. This involves our customers sitting down with us and designing the size of their units and customizing their furniture dimensions. We then go through the many fabric samples, most of which come in CRIB5 commercial grading, to bespoke your headboard and matching base. We offer the exact same service for our sofa products.