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Design Process

HLF Private Rental Sector are involved in every aspect of the design of the products which are put forward for the sectors we specialise in. We carefully select the products we think are suitable for the private rental sector & student lets given the feedback we have collected over years of working with the market leaders.

We know the regulations these sectors have to work to. We know how high rub counts need to be and how durable the furniture needs to be. We are able to advise the factory on every part of this and ensure the products which are delivered to our end customers are exactly to their specification.


HLF Private Rental Sector is able to advise our industry partners on all aspects of the manufacturing process such as lead times and price points. We can offer a full range of products at unbeatable prices and deliver them on time. Our customers have the added bonus of having The HLF Group team there to assist them in every stage.


We deliver 96% of the time on time every time. This outstanding record is reflected in the repeat business we receive from our large commercial groups. The HLF Group understands the nature of your business as we are regarded as the leading experts within this industry. The factories that we are industry partners with are used to delivering on a huge scale and we are there to ensure our clients receive unbeatable customer service every time.